I'd love to bring Happiness Concierge to your organisation. 



20 minutes

A short talk at a breakfast or networking event:

  • Ace Your Life: I share my story of overworking in my 20's which lead to burnout, anxiety, depression and passing out at work, along with tactical steps I took to turn my life around. 

  • Brand You: how anyone can be perceived as an expert at work using five key fundamentals. Learn how to be perceived as an expert in any industry and tips for getting noticed at work.
  • Values Audit: do you know why you make the decisions you do? Your beliefs, values and prior experience impact every move you make at work. How to learn what's important to you in life and use that to understand your colleagues motivations and behaviours.
  • Get Noticed: creating a narrative around what you is the best way to make yourself memorable. Learn the fundamentals on creating a compelling story for you or your business.


1.5 - 2 hours

A 1.5 - 2 hour workshop at your workplace:

  • Brand You: Learn the fundamentals of how to get noticed as an expert at work and within your field. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create your own personal elevator pitch which you can share at work and on LinkedIn. Great for larger groups and individuals who may find the initial idea of promoting themselves somewhat new or individuals getting overlooked at work. 
  • Ace Your Work: Do you know how you work best and efficiently? Understanding what motivates you at work and how you work best turbo charges your efficiency and happiness at work. Learn how you work best, design your working week to be more impactful and learn the art of managing boundaries to get more done. 
  • Mental Fitness: In this 1 hour workshop, I share my story around disordered eating and over exercising leading me to skipping periods and eventually getting ordered to stop working out by my trainer. Learn about tackling head demons around body image and realistic goal setting to ace your workout - in the gym, and in life.



Work with me and my team to encourage your team to look at work differently and more impactfully. 

  • Brand You Pro: turbo charge your confidence in this one day session. Learn how to articulate your expertise, get noticed at work and present like a pro.
  • Emotional Mastery: when you feel stressed, chances are your colleagues and friends feel it, too. Understand what your emotional triggers are, how to make sensible decisions during times of stress or busyness and take-home a cheat sheet of responses that allow you to use your words when feeling stressed to produce the best possible outcome - no matter what life throws at you.
  • Art of Influence: Learn how to communicate your expertise, get the best out of your colleagues and use sales techniques to grow your bottom line and and improved culture at work. 
  • Mojo Revamp: lost your mojo? Don't know where it went? Get your mojo back in four simple steps with this masterclass.


60 - 90 minutes

Workshop your biggest challenges in confidence in a private session. Suitable for employees looking for additional support during times of change or individuals seeking focussed attention on a skill they are looking to develop. 




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