Mojo Sessions: San Francisco

  • San Francisco USA
  • Get perspective
  • Confidential discussion
  • Make a game plan to get your mojo back
  • Employer packages available

The Concierge is coming to San Francisco to help people ace their life and careers! Book in a time to get your Mojo back with a 1:1 Mojo Session. This session is designed to deliver perspective, support and a nudge to get back on track with your next steps - be it career, home or relationships. Book using the form below! 1:1 sessions are $299 per hour. Depending on your situation, a session comprises either one hour of power (chat, get a plan and go), or a two hour session to dig deep into a challenge (popular with individuals who have recently had a deflating experience or are finding it very challenging to get out of a low), with the option of a follow up accountability session for those who'd like to connect regularly afterwards. 

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September 13
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