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rachel service

Rachel Service is the Founder of Happiness Concierge: a kick ass training company that helps people ace their work and lives. 

After suffering anxiety, depression and burnout in her 20's, she realised work was killing her and created Happiness Concierge to help other people be more impactful at work.

Her training has helped individuals from PowerCor, Good Life Health Clubs, Reserve Bank of Australia, Young Leaders Organisation, General Assembly and WINK Models learn tactical ways to make a bigger impact at work. 

Based in Australia, Rachel travels regularly across Asia Pacific to create bespoke programmes for organisations, and also sits on the Advisory Board of Freelance Australia. 

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Those who know who they are, what they stand for and the outcomes they're responsible deliver the most impactful work. Learn how to work to what motivates you, efficiently and impact fully to impress clients and stakeholders without compromising your own values. Each series is 1.5 hours.

  • Session One: Learn what motivates you and how you make decisions which impact others. Identify how you work best and create a schedule that sees you making impact and working to your highest value.
  • Session Two: Learn how to drive impact under stress and have brave conversations with colleagues. Identify how to deliver a constructive conversation which delivers you a positive outcome.

Ace Your Work has been completed by individuals from Endeavour Drinks Group, theright.fit and New Zealand Post.


Brand You 

Learn how to articulate your expertise by communicating the outcomes you produce at work. In this two part series, we'll learn what makes an 'expert', and how you can package up your expertise into a succinct elevator pitch you can use at work, ways to get noticed at work and how to articulate your goals to your management team so you can create a game plan to get there. Each series is 1.5 hours.

  • Session One: Learn how to communicate your expertise in a succinct elevator pitch by communicating qualifiers and outcomes.
  • Session Two: Identify tactics to getting noticed at work and create a game plan to help you get there by asking for what you want at work.

Brand You training has been completed by individuals from ANZ, RMIT University, Reserve Bank of Australia and WINK Models.



Rachel offers a curated programme following each session which brings in experts from across the world to facilitate ongoing learning for your organisation. After experiencing your people's skills and experience in person, Rachel is then able to find experts from across the globe who can fill in any additional skill gaps to ensure their ongoing learning.

Accountability programmes are created bespoke with each workplace, comprising of additional learning, workshops, talks, and access to 1:1 coaching with experts best suited to your peoples personality and skill gaps.

These are called accountability programmes, as they participants access to ongoing learning to further develop your people. 

Individuals from Reserve Bank of Australia, Gastronomy, theright.fit have used an accountability programme to ensure their ongoing performance at work.

Thanks to you, [my team] have the tools to help them tell people how awesome they are and the value they are creating.
— Reserve Bank of Australia on Brand You
Thanks and congrats on the fab talk you gave to us instructors at General Assembly. Like all the best talks, it made me think of new things and in different, inspiring ways.
— General Assembly
Loved the way you involved everyone and coaxed involvement from those unsure.
— Manager
The group warmed to you despite the sensitivity of the topic we were unpacking. They were very complimentary and they’re a discerning group!
— Manager