My life changed when I realised work was killing me.

When I was 22, I passed out in the bathroom on the way to work. The ulcers which developed in my mouth immediately afterwards saw me bed ridden and unable to eat for two weeks. 

At 24, I literally couldn't stand up one day after working 24 / 7 for months, skipping meals and hitting the gym at all hours. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and adrenal fatigue from over working and was ordered to bed rest for six weeks, unable to work.

At age 27, I was sleeping at work trying to make deadlines in a bid to impress my superiors. When I was made redundant; I was relieved. Having skipped meals and social occasions months; I was absolutely exhausted.

Things started to change when I realised my addiction to work was nearly killing me.

At a Beyonce concert, I started crying uncontrollably and decided then and there enough was enough. The common denominator was me in each of my burnouts and something had to change.

With professional help, the support of my family and friends, I eventually landed on a sustainable life I love, creating a series of tactics to help me cope. I started to share these tips with my friends and on a blog, which eventually led me to creating workshops around each of these tactics.

I'm now an advocate for smarter working and helping others achieve what they'd like to out of life, without sacrificing quality of life along the way as the Happiness Concierge, delivering talks and workshops, sharing the tactics and techniques I've developed over the years managing anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue.

With the right game plan and in the right headspace - you'll be able to tackle anything. Believe me - I have been there! It doesn't matter where you're at right now.  It's about making a decision to feel better than you do now that's important.


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Thanks and congrats on the fab talk you gave to us instructors at General Assembly. Like all the best talks, it made me think of new things and in different, inspiring ways.
— General Assembly Lecturer, Melbourne
Rach has been great in helping me realise why I was feeling so half baked at work, and what kind of roles might be better suited to my strengths and personality. Our sessions always give me the turbo charge I need to see my next move with such sparkling clarity, that I always leave busting to grab the future by the proverbial and get cracking without wasting even one second more.
— Sophie, 28, Melbourne
A generous human who left such a mark on my spirits (in just one hour) I could barely believe it. Happiness Concierge: you couldn’t have chosen a more apt name if you’d tried!
— Amy, The Holistic Ingredient, Melbourne
I was so inspired by your talk, you should see my amazing to do lists I’ve been whipping up!
— S, Photographer, Australia